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What does karate have to do with playing with Legos?

    adults playing with legos karate style My students and their families will tell you I love to use analogies when I teach. (I believe this teaching tool comes from my own Sensei, Kyoshi Brad Wells.  He has some great ones.)  It helps me find a different way to break things down for them…


Are you well equipped?

When people first meet me, inevitably the question is asked what I do for a living.  My answer of “I teach karate and self-defense” is almost always met with surprise and the statement “I’ve always wanted to take a self-defense class, but just never have”. At a recent social gathering, this same scenario came up…


Be patient with yourself and others

In the dojo, we have rules called dojo kun. They’re also rules that as martial artists, we try to live by outside of the dojo as well. One of those rules is to “have patience with yourself and others – Kyoshi Brad Wells”. (The irony is that as I sat writing my first draft of…

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