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No. It’s one of the first words we learn and also one of the first we try to get around.  As children, our parents may tell us “no” and then when they are not looking, we do it anyway.  As parents, we say no, but sometimes cave in to the begging, whining, or bargaining.  Our…


Starting karate as a grown-up

There seems to be a misconception that martial arts is something that you need to start as a child or at least as a teen-ager.  While it’s good to start young, it isn’t a requirement.  Personally, I didn’t start martial arts until I was in my late 20s.  I have students that started in their…


It’s not one size fits all

When it comes to self-protection, one size does not fit all.  Statistically, attacks against men are significantly different than those against females.  Matt Thompson of www.modelmuggging.org researched 3000 assaults back in the early 1970s and what he found was that when men attack men, it’s territorial. There’s a “squaring off” behavior; it’s a fight.  However,…


Mindful practice and practicing mindfully

There is a lot of talk regarding the benefits of mindful practice.  To some, this means meditation and that scares some people off.  While they may be intrigued by the benefits, sitting still and trying to empty the mind seems either impossible (I don’t have patience for that), boring (I always need to be doing…

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