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Letting them down easy isn’t letting them down at all

The definition of tenacity is the state of holding on to an idea or a thing very strongly per http://yourdicftionary.com.  Often in our society, we value this trait as in when an athlete finishes a race or game after they have been injured.  However, it’s not always a positive thing, like when it makes someone else…


…and another thing!

I’m sure you’ve had it happen to you, but if not, you’ve seen it happen with someone else. You and a member of the opposite sex get into an argument; the male in the argument gets angry, blows up and storms out.  He comes back a short time later, calmer and maybe ready to come…



I love September.  It always feels like a time of renewal to me; more so than New Year’s Day.  I know that may seem odd, since fall is just around the corner, but it’s the start of a new school year and football season and with summer coming to an end, it seems like a…


“but, you don’t look like a karate instructor…”

I get this a lot.  When someone asks me what I “do” and I answer truthfully with “I teach martial arts”, I get this look and the comment, “but you don’t look like a karate instructor”.  It makes me laugh every time.  What is a martial arts instructor supposed to look like?  Like Mr. Miyagi…

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