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Physical abuse can often be seen, but what about what you can’t see?  What about the things agencies like PADA and the police can’t do anything about?  What about the emotional manipulation that crushes self-esteem, makes you feel badly about things you are proud of and makes your soul feel dark?  In these blogs, I…


Being excellent

I was talking with the kids in karate class this week about being excellent.  I asked them if the wanted their karate to be ok or excellent.  They all agreed they wanted to be excellent except for one student who really wants to be ultimate!  According to www.merriam-webster.com, excellence is “extremely high quality”. How then,…


my vantage point

I love having parents, family members and the general public come to the dojo and observe our classes.  I think it shows great support for the people participating in our classes.  However, I sometimes wonder what you see from your point of view.  Some of the comments I hear tell me it’s different from what…


Learning responsibility

Learning responsibility is our theme for the kids in our current session of karate classes.  We can look at what it means to be responsible in many ways, whether it be for kids or adults.   There is being responsible to meet your financial obligations, following through on a commitment, doing your homework and being…

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