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This session in our dojos, we will be having a kata tournament for the youth classes.  I thought all the kids would be pretty excited about this.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to win a prize for the best kata?  However, there were several kids that were not too happy with this announcement.  There are…


Teen dating violence awareness month

February is teen dating violence awareness month, so I am reposting a blog I wrote in April of last year.  Teen dating violence is far more prevalent than we realize and as adults, we need to help our teens recognize and handle this problem. Teen dating violence is defined by the CDC as the physical,…


Are you a damsel in distress?

Last week I told you about a book I recently read called The Martial Arts Woman by Andrea Harkins. In that book, I found a quote by Michelle Manu that really struck me.  Michelle is is a senior black belt in the Kaihewalu Hawaiian Lua with the Lua Halau O Kaihewalu. She said “Life is not…


book review

I recently read the book The Martial Arts Woman by Andrea Harkins and I really wanted to share with all of you what an inspirational book this is.  This book is a very easy read with a tremendous amount of heart.  While the input is from multiple female martial artists,  this is not a book just…

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