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more fun with Legos

I have been talking a lot with my students about how karate can be a lot like playing with Legos.  Each block is like a technique.  The nature of it doesn’t change; it’s still the same color and size.  What changes is how you use it. Is it part of the hood of the bat…


take control

Mothers and daughters share a special bond.  It’s tenuous at times and fierce at others.  I came across a few of incidents this week of that fierceness – that primal instinct to protect.  Sometimes we’re there, able to protect our daughters and sometimes something happens out of our control and we can’t.  Often we are…


Teens and tweens

It’s been said that teenagers are the explanation as to why, in the animal kingdom, some mothers eat their young.  As a mom, I remember times that I could understand this!  However, I truly love working with tweens and teens. They are so bright and funny when they want to be.  However, they have their…


The biggest battle

Who is your real battle with? Competition can bring out some very good things in a person – it can encourage you to work harder than you ever have and give you an opportunity to show off your skills.  However, it can also bring out fear and a lack of self-confidence.  It can highlight a…


Creating a bridge

It has been over 3 years now since I returned to my home dojo as the lead instructor. The dojo had been on a hiatus for 6 months while the previous instructor was on a medical leave and while I was very excited, I also had no idea what I was going to find in…

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