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Shout out

Every one of our black belt candidates has to write a paper.  Depending on their age (novice, junior or adult), the requirements differ, but they have to pick a topic and get it approved, research it and write it before their review.  Recently, one of the junior black belt candidates (juniors are age 13 -…


Whatever happened to being kind?

This last week, I’ve seen a lot of posts about problems with bullying in our community. As always, this gets me just as upset as the parents who are dealing with it and I get to wondering all the same questions they have; why it happens, how it continues to happen and how to stop…


PADA of Jefferson County

This morning I had the opportunity to volunteer at the PADA Walk A Mile Family Fun Event in Lake Mills, WI.  First of all I want to commend all that participated in this event to promote safe and healthy homes for all in Jefferson County.  I’m so proud to have been a part of the…


Keep it simple

Far too often, we make things more complicated than they need to be.  Sometimes it’s because we are overthinking everything.  We analyze, re-analyze, try to figure out the whys and the why nots and how to make it better whether it be in work, relationships or activities that are supposed to enjoyable. Other times it’s…

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