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More often than not, we think of self-protection as something we do to prevent people from potentially causing us physical harm.  However, there are other things we need to protect ourselves against.  We’ve all heard about phone scams of one type or another.  For example, someone supposedly from the IRS calling you and asking you…


Emotions and self-defense

As I was preparing for a self-defense workshop with PADA, I got to thinking about the emotional side of self-defense.  It’s the part of self-defense we don’t really like to think about.  We’ll talk about safety measures and things to do to keep yourself from danger.  We’ll discuss behaviors to watch out for.  Then it…


Are our children truly educated?

It’s graduation season and we have a whole new crop of adults going out into the world.  Whether they are going on to college, into the military or going to work full time, there are things they need to know.  Things they didn’t learn in school.  Things that are uncomfortable for some people to talk…


Who are your 5?

Motivational speaker Jim John has said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.  While there are arguments on whether or not this is true, when it comes to bullying, I think it may have something to do with it. Whether we like it or not we are…

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