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Women are not small men

I was at a seminar once working on a technique.  I was having some difficulty with the way it was presented due to my size and strength vs the size and strength of my training partner, so I was modifying it to work for me.  One of the higher ranking black belts informed me that…


Setting boundaries

I gave a self-defense workshop in conjunction with PADA of Jefferson County last week.  In talking with these wonderful women, I found that most of their questions were “what do I do if…” There were different circumstances being discussed.  One woman recently had an experience tending bar at a festival that made her uncomfortable.  Another…


Control and awareness

One of the rules of our dojos, as set forth by Kyoshi Brad Wells, is to never lose self-control or act in a violent manner.  The acting in a violent manner part is pretty self-explanatory.  However, the self-control part is somewhat up to interpretation.  Some people would say that it means to control your temper.…


The adults of Shin Gi Tai Wisconsin

I’m very proud of all of my students.  The majority of my students are kids, but many people don’t know that we have an adult class as well.  This class is a diverse and unique group of individuals and is growing.  Some of them are probably snickering at my use of the word “adult” as…

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