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workplace bullying (part 1)

Last week I reposted a blog about adult bullying.  All types of adult bullying are disturbing, but I think workplace bullying is especially difficult to deal with.  It resembles domestic abuse in that the very nature of the the relationship – business – keeps the victim close. The bully is able to keep the target…


Adult bullies

Last fall I wrote a post on adult bullying.  I am reposting it this week, because I honestly want to do a deeper dive on this one in the coming weeks.  We so often think of bullying as something kids do.  It upsets us and we struggle to help our kids through it whether they…


who has their back?

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a presenter at Fort HealthCare’s Camp 911.  Camp 911 is a one day camp for kids filled with 1/2 hour classes.  Examples of the classes presented were bike and outdoor safety, mindfulness, CPR & first aid, yoga, a tour of the Smoke House, our police K-9…


There’s still time

Summer is speeding by.  If you’re like me, you may feel a little stretched for time with all the summer activities.  I know many of my student’s are feeling this way as well.  They have fitness goals and they don’t want to lose what they’ve gained.  It’s a struggle to find time to get in…


How to be a good training partner

One of the things I find difficult for people to understand is how to be a good training partner.  Whether it’s with kids or adults, there seems to be some fine lines that need to be defined.  While everyone has their own way of learning and their own training style, there a few things that…

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