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There is no box

It’s no secret that I’m proud of what I do. It makes me happy.  However, when I meet someone new and the question comes up “what do you do?” or “where do you work?”, I almost visibly cringe.  Not because I don’t want to talk about it.  Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely…


book review The Difference-A Mental Approach to Martial Arts

I recently purchased The Difference – A Mental Approach to Martial Arts by Jerry Figgiani with Chris R. Vaccaro.  While this book is not very large, it is absolutely packed with good information.  The book is aimed towards martial artists because it encompasses the mental aspects that we strive for such as respect for self and…


Sometimes it’s not a merry Christmas

The holiday season is considered by most to be a happy time filled with traditions, family and friends.  There are holiday parties, family gatherings and generally an air of good cheer.  However, this can be a really hard time for those in or trying to leave a domestic abuse situation.  Partners that are trying to…

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