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“Always do your best”

In almost every dojo, you will find a set of rules. We call it dojo kun. Regardless of the style you practice, they are pretty similar in that they are meant to be guidelines to live by to be a good person and martial artist. These are the rules that were set forth by our…


Technology and Domestic Abuse

Technology is a blessing and a curse to victims of domestic abuse. It can be a great tool to get help when you need it.  However, the advances in tech also make it easier for an abuser to control, harass and stalk their victims.  I sometimes hear people joking about facebook stalking other people, but…


suggested reading

I love to read.  I don’t spend as much time doing it as I’d like or should.  I often suggest books for people to read, but it’s not often that I actually buy them to give to people. Dude! The World’s going to Punch you in the Face: Here’s How to Make it Hurt Less is…


2017 in review

While there were things that happened in the world during 2017 that were not so great, when I look back at what we accomplished with IMOK, LLC and Shin Gi Tai Wisconsin I’d have to say it was pretty amazing!  Personally, I started off the year by receiving my 3rd Dan certificate from SRKDI. In…

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