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I started learning martial arts over 20 years ago.  I have taken time off here and there because, well, life can get crazy.  I started with Kyuki-do with Master Lloyd Holden in Janesville, WI.  Later when I moved to Fort Atkinson, WI,  I was taught by my friend and mentor, Kyoshi Brad Wells.  I have had the privelege to train with many wonderful people; Sensei Iain Abernethy, Sensei Jerry Figgiani, Sensei David Fernandez Parra to name a few and there have been many others that have touched my life.  I actually was able to train with Sensei Parra weekly as I was working toward my 1st and 2nd degree blackbelts while he was an assistant for Kyoshi Brad Wells at the Shin Gi Tai Wisconsin dojo.  I am grateful to all for their outstanding teaching and guidance.  I have earned my 3rd degree black belt in karate-do and the title of Shidoin.  I also earned a certificate as an instructor in practical application of karate from Sensei Iain Abernethy and am a member of Sensei Jerry Figgiani’s organization SRKDI.  I currently teach for 2 area Parks and Recreation groups called Shin Gi Tai Wisconsin; one in Fort Atkinson and the other in Jefferson, WI.  I now also teach karate in Cambridge Wisconsin through the Cambridge CAP. Our kids classes train in Shotokan karate while our adult classes train in Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu.  Self-defense workshops are available for individuals and groups by appointment as well as some throughout the year in conjunction with PADA of Jefferson County.  They are as in depth as you want them to be and tailored to what you want to learn. Subjects covered include good common sense safety practices, behaviors to watch out for as well as the physical defense skills and more.   I have learned a lot from instructors, students and parents and I want to take the conversations further, so I started this site and blog.  I hope to have many great conversations with you.


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