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I recently read the book The Martial Arts Woman by Andrea Harkins and I really wanted to share with all of you what an inspirational book this is.  This book is a very easy read with a tremendous amount of heart.  While the input is from multiple female martial artists,  this is not a book just for women or just for martial artists, but for anyone that wants to learn more about themselves as well as being inspired by some of the hardships these women have endured, yet found their way through using their “Martial Arts Woman” spirit.  Thirty different women contributed their stories to this book as well as several of the author’s own stories and no two of them are the same.  Women who have led the way for other women in the world of martial arts, like Joy Turberville and Janice Bishop tell their stories in this book and believe me when I tell you, they are amazing women that will truly inspire you.  There are stories of seemingly insurmountable health problems as well as stories of personal triumph in and out of the dojo or dojang.  I  highly recommend this book for students of martial arts and those that are not, men and women.  There is much to learn from their experiences.

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  1. February 13, 2017 at 2:05 pmAndrea Harkins Reply to Andrea Harkins
    Thank you for the awesome review of my book! Andrea a/k/a The Martial Arts Woman.