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Shin Gi Tai Jefferson

photo by ME photography

photo by ME photography











Our Jefferson dojo is located at the old VFW behind Walmart at 1420 S. Main St.  All registration is through the Jefferson Parks and Recreation department at 317 S. Main Street.  (920-674-7720)


Welcome to session of 1 of 2018! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s amazing progress this year!  We have a lot of really fun things planned for this year. I will keep you updated as they come along.  The first event we have on our schedule is with the new Cambridge dojo. We will be doing a demonstration on Sunday, January 14 starting at noon for the Health Expo.  Our demonstation will be in the little theater at the Cambridge Elementary school.

We added 2 new classes to Jefferson this month.  Saturday mornings 9:00 – 9:30 am is a little tigers program for 3, 4 & 5 year olds.  Then from 9:30 – 11.00 is the new open class.  This is a “double” class for all ranks and ages 6 through adult.  If the scheduled classes during the week don’t work for you, this is a great opportunity to train on the weekend!  Open classes can be a lot of fun because you get a lot of different perspectives as well as getting to train with new people. You also learn a lot!

This session, we will be doing a lot of pad drills to help you get better at your katas and bunkai.  Hitting pads is always fun and it’s a good workout too!  As always, we will be sparring the last week of the session, so please make sure you have your mouth guards that week.  We will work in a couple of testing days this session as well.

Do you have a friend that is interested in karate and self-defense? Check with Sensei Bolton to see when you can bring your friend to class to give it a try!

(photos by ME Photography)